James Pringle Cook

Oil Paintings

Boulder Creek - Autumn 08 #1

Boulder Creek - Autumn 08 #1 © 72"x216" (Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Co.)


"Jim Cook understands paint. He understands that painting is a language of experience, and like any other language, it is continually evolving,

building on the momentum of its own history, and releasing the potential of its infinite possibilities to those who care enough to unlock its secrets."

Anthony Pessler


Hudson Showers       West Side Showers #4
Hudson Showers © 70"x60"       West Side Showers #4 © 70"x60"
The Red Dress
The Red Dress© 50"x60"


Showing April 2015 at Davis Dominguez Gallery, Tucson, Arizona
Showing May 2015 at William Havu Gallery, Denver, Colorado
The Painted Image
Roswell Art Museum, Roswell, New Mexico 2015
May 6 - June 22, 2014
Snow: Gail Severn Gallery


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